Behind the Lines

My beautiful girl battles some demons at such an early age. Some we don’t have a name for just yet but others like anxiety and OCD are very apparent. The difference between her world view and experiences become more and more marked as Noah grows. His lack of fear, pure joy at waking up each day and his imagination, exploration, curiosity. Stand out in marked contrast. It makes me feel for my girl so much more. To want to protect her. But I know what I need to do instead is give her the magic tools to be her own shield as well as the bravery to continue to step out each day as best she can.

She is a beautiful old soul, but has always been locked behind something. Fear maybe. Always trying to work out this world rather than just being open to it. Constantly questioning purpose and reason. In that sense she’s never felt free like I imagine Noah does, just from the turn of his being.
We are working out new ways to support and grow happiness. Showing that all the colours of the rainbow are truly there.

She’s incredible. I love her so. My beautiful baby girl


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Seeking connection, always. Capturing raw moments. Being open. Being honest. Talking about it all. Documenting all of the threads that hold us together. Travelling. Homeschooling. Living. Loving x

2 thoughts on “Behind the Lines”

  1. Hello, my girl sounds similar to yours. She’s almost 11 (in February), and has many ‘demons’. It’s not OCD or anything like that. I’ve done some research and there’s some books about Sensitive children that you might find interesting to read.
    We are finding many challenges with our girl. Since she was little actually… but once we started on some ideas and ways of working together we’ve come a long way towards helping her face the world.
    She’s often quiet and can’t deal with lots of big emotions when out in the world – but once she’s back home she lets all her barriers down, and often can be quite emotionally challenging.
    Knowing there’s tools to help, and she’s not alone makes a difference. (My current weaving is about her and her emotions).

    Xx Ellie @petalplum


    1. Oh Ellie, I am so glad you wrote something, I have admired you for so long and have just seen your post on the weaving – it is beyond beautiful and made me cry before I even read this one from you! I yearn (honestly, I know its a strong word), to create something like that from feeling. I’ve read a few books on highly sensitive children but would devour more if you could recommend? It would be great to email? x its where I started with it all, with strong willed child, to highly sensitive, but then one day I read a book on Aspergers and it ticked all the boxes too. So now we are waiting on Autism assessment but its been put on hold because we’ve set off travelling to australia for a few months (currently in Bali). I don’t know anymore what it all is, how do you know where the lines are drawn or blur? and our life is still so beautiful together. The only reason I am agreeing to some further investigation is to put my mind at a little bit of ease of bad parenting!! I’d love to have chats on how life is for you all. xxx


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