Let them be

So desperate for a culture where children are genuinely enjoyed. Where respect is needed of course, but where children are included and supported and encouraged to explore and be curious. The west still has a massive bent of seen and not heard or that children should be so meek and mild so as not to be an inconvenience.
Don’t get me wrong; I love adult time, shared time. But I also love my babies. They are a huge part of this world, not just the world behind closed doors. I love interacting with them.

Let them be little.

Let them be free.

Let them be all the shades that they are

So much show in this world and not enough heart. We need more heart.



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Seeking connection, always. Capturing raw moments. Being open. Being honest. Talking about it all. Documenting all of the threads that hold us together. Travelling. Homeschooling. Living. Loving x

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