Often we let time slip by and the days pass and we don’t have a proper conversation or look each other in the eyes as a family for too long.

It always takes us a few hours to find a rhythm to fit us all. Sometimes we row before we hit an even keel. But we always get there.

I am sitting on the truth of living each day as intentionally as possible. To breathe in more patience and kindness and let out more love and understanding.

We’ve really slowed down over the last few months. Shook off lots of physical and emotional binds. We are winding down to a real life change and I honestly can’t wait.

I know our trip won’t change us in itself. But the act of becoming more conscious, more aware, more thoughtful…’s already reaping massive rewards and the winds of change are blowing strong against us all.

Some of it feels painful. We do have bad days. But mostly, mostly its exciting and fresh and just what we have been looking for.

A rare day all together today. It was love-filled.




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Seeking connection, always. Capturing raw moments. Being open. Being honest. Talking about it all. Documenting all of the threads that hold us together. Travelling. Homeschooling. Living. Loving x

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