City Shock and Soul Explosions

Our flight was cancelled out of Bali due to the volcano activity of Mount Agung and so we travelled further to the South to the beautiful Ulu Watu. We’d booked a wonderful villa with our fantastic new friends and thought we were set for the week and to see if we could catch a pocket in the ash cloud the following week – more to come on this amazing place on another blog!

BUT, an emergency flight call came in the very next morning, and not wanting to miss Christmas in Australia with the family, we jumped at the chance and in a rush of packing and flying to the airport, we made it to Melbourne.

A total shift to our original plans, and the city was truly a rude awakening and reverse culture shock to our spirits. All the hard work and lessons we thought we had learnt in Bali seem shattered within days.

We started to panic, but oh so luckily found this most beautiful of farmsteads to stay on – to give us some time to breathe again and re-find our feet. We really need to find this balance between the totally insular life we’ve been able to create in Bali, and the ‘real world’ of society and expectation and demands.

Just arriving at the train station in the middle of the bush – with miles of open sky and sprawling land. It was like something out of a romance movie. It was utterly breathtaking and just breathing in the warm air filled me with such a beautiful longing and remembering its hard to explain.

Its safe to say we were re-ignited here, given the space and time to let a little soul explosion take place. And we remembered who we were and all the whys….



Contentment and Moving On

So many lessons learned and I’ve finally found a sense of whole-ness and the way that I want our life to feel. Coming away has been the best thing we have ever done, and we are ready to come home, as who we really are.

There’s so much more to say, but that can wait for another day. It’s early on a Monday morning here and pretty pictures feel right. For now, these are our last few memories of Bali xx

Family-5Family-6Family-7Family-8Family-9Family-10  Family-11Family-12Family-13Family-14Family-16Family-17Family-18Family-19Family-20Family-24Family-27Family-29Family-30

Island Time – New Friends

It’s amazing how meeting the right people can change your whole perspective on life. In only a moment.

Meeting this gorgeous family online before our trip has been one of the best things to happen to us.

Not only are they awesomely cool and relaxed and showing us how to do it all with humour and less stress, but they have also opened our eyes to healthier eating and lifestyle habits, as well as our perspective on the way we raise our children and the unique quirky challenges we’ve ourselves embraced over the last few years.

Before we left home, the pile up of things had started to create a thunderous cloud. But now having met them, it’s been blown clean away.

Our island time together on Lembongan couldn’t have been any better.


Beach Days and Family Ways

We left Ubud and it’s hot, humid busy-ness, and headed for the beach.

Sanur is everything that we thought we weren’t looking for. A tourist spot full of easy access places and lots of families – but in fact it’s just what we needed with two smalls who don’t sit still!

We found an amazing little apartment in a complex with a private pool, and a 5 minute walk to the most beautiful beach and little strip of cafes.

We fell into an easy rhythm of walks to swim in the sea, fresh young coconuts, morning naps, dips in the pool where Erin has learnt to swim, quiet time, school time, work time.

Trying to find our family rhythm and learning all the extra lessons that come alongside testing our edges, and ideals, combating our boredom at back to the mundane daily, trying to find something that works for all of us to be together, doing the things we need to do when it’s  no longer a holiday. We are trying to find our personal boundaries, or work boundaries. Finding out how we want this life to look when we return home, connecting some more dots and creating a unique way.

All the small things. The extraordinary in the ordinary day.



Ringing the Changes

Oh this is one wild and bumpy ride. Exotic and beautiful, strained and uncomfortable. Total freedom, joy, fear….all of it. Daily.

We are resisting the tide to fall back into a daily rhythm of doing and going, and becoming obligated and tied. It’s really hard. We seek connection yet at the same time, the biggest reason we came away was to find a rhythm that worked for each one of us individually, so that we could work together as a family to have a fully joy-full rounded life.

At the moment we are still trying to hit our stride, find the pace. It’s all good. We’re learning and growing and changing and re-learning and re-writing. It’s a dance.

One that we are realising still that there are no magic answers to. Nothing has changed, yet everything has. It’s so good to spend each day together. Along side that its becoming obvious where there is need and where changes need to start to happen.

Sometimes its uncomfortable. Boring. Exhausting. This daily dance. Even in beautiful Bali. It’s not a holiday, it’s a life change for us. To try and get things in place to get it right and make each day one worth getting out of bed for. Re-committing, re-learning, finding a story that works for us all. And most importantly that works for me and the husband together so that we can give these babies a solid frame on which to build their own selves.

We’ve got some great inspiration here through a few couples with children we have met. Families who seem a little further down the trail than us and its giving us so much food for thought.

We had a great last few days in Ubud playing the tourist as you’ll see in the photos below. A beautiful world full of the kindest smiles and hands to help.

Here are the highlights of those last few days…


Discovering | Uncovering

We are hitting a rhythm now, a day on of working and schooling, and a day off to explore the island. Our latest adventure took in a beautiful waterfall and then a butterfly farm where we learnt so much about the natural life and flora and fauna around here in the tropics.

The dust of change is slowly settling, and everyone’s needs are slowly surfacing again now life starts to resume a little more like normal.

I am so aware that this trip is to help us shift our entire lifestyle – to work things out and come home with a new foundation. Something solid that actually works for us. As a family, as individuals and as a couple.

So many things have become hidden or burnt in the fires of the last few years – we are ready to start sifting out those precious bits left behind and use them as pillars to build again.

Theres a lot of talking going on – good talking. New plans, dreams. But most of all just actually living in the moment and talking about each day being time that we have loved and enjoyed. No more future waits. Our life is happening now and these are the moments we’ll remember.

I’m carving some time out for myself – every few days just a simple walk to the coffee shop alone or along to the rice terraces to take in the view. To gain some perspective. To breathe. To remember me again.

Life is turning on but we are standing still for a while to re-write the map.


Finding Our Feet

A week or so in now and goodness the difference is incredible! We are all slowly on the mend, and although our nights are still a bit of a disaster with swollen coughs and middle of the night wake up parties, it’s all starting to sink in to place.

Erin just LOVES it all. She says she could live here. Despite being ill. I am so incredibly amazed as it’s the opposite reaction to what we were expecting.

I hope to find a rhythm of sleep and naps and days soon, but I know that it will come on its own.

I’ve come to realise that what others have said before to me is very true. Life is still intense and full on no matter where you are. Even here where life is slow and the days are long. My children still need and want the same level of interaction. There is still not much let up to the daily tasks of cleaning and cooking and tending. It’s really hit me that this really is a season. And no change in environment is going to change that season much.

Both of them are doing an amazing job of learning to be more on their own. Its what we really wanted and although boredom is settling in at points, its just what they need to start using their imagination more. Here because places and toys are just not available, it means there is no other choice and it’s up to us to be more creative.

So far we’ve made up numerous new games with just the leaves and the flowers. Played ball games and coloured and read and just been silly together. It’s been wonderful to embrace it and fall into it. Hard work. Ups and downs still but worth it for the changes that are happening.